Thank you for relying on Philippi-Hagenbuch and our products for customizations to your off-highway haul truck fleet. PHIL equipment is custom engineered to operate in the mining, aggregate, steel mill, refuse, forestry, power plant, construction and oil refinery industries.

Our products are engineered and built to be extremely robust and to stand up to the environments they're engineered for, but occasionally, a repair may be necessary that falls under the original warranty.

Prior to beginning any warranty related work that might be billable to PHIL, other than where allowed by prior agreement, you must, without exception, contact PHIL for authorization and the correct repair procedures.

Your PHIL representative can be reached at +1 (309) 697-9200 or by emailing Please complete the form at the right to start the warranty claim process and email any corresponding documentation for the claim to the PHIL Sales Department at

Warranty work and claims are not authorized without written approval from Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. Reimbursement for work performed without prior authorization and approval will not be honored.

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