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PHIL Cares - Ear Protector Request

If you are a front-line medical worker during the COVID-19 pandemic or know of one that would like our PHIL Cares Ear Protectors to make your / their job more comfortable during this difficult time, please fill out the form to the right. Details are below.

The Associates of Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. wanted to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic, but didn't know how. 

While looking on social media one day, a PHIL Associate saw that a Boy Scout from Canada was making "Ear Protectors" on his 3D printer, which was helping the hero's on the front line wear their PPE more comfortably. Eureka! thought the PHIL Associate; we have a 3D printer and it's not being actively used right now; we can put it to work.

Within a day, PHIL's printer was busy printing Ear Protectors. And then a part broke and production halted. We then reached out to an ex-PHIL Associate that has a 3D printing business and asked if he could contract-print the Ear Protectors for us, to which he agreed. Since early April, approximately 250 Ear Protectors have been made per day.

To date, over 2,800 PHIL Cares Ear Protectors have been donated to medical centers and front-line workers throughout the USA, including the OSF St. Francis medical system based in Peoria, Illinois and to employees at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. As word got around, friends and family that are front-line workers from around the country begun requesting Ear Protectors of their own, which is when we started sending them out to individuals throughout the United States.

We are happy to be able to assist. If you are a front-line worker that needs to wear a mask while performing your duties during the COVID-19 pandemic and could use our PHIL Cares Ear Protectors to make your job more comfortable during this difficult time, please fill out the form to the right. We are sending Ear Protectors to anyone within the United States that asks for them, while supplies last.

We wish each and everyone one of you Wellness and Health through this time and always. We are all in this storm together; together we will get through this pandemic!

The Associates of Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.


Details & Fine Print:

Limit one bundle of Ear Protectors per United States address, sorry, but we cannot ship these to International addresses. We reserve the right to stop this offer at any time, regardless of need. This offer is coming from the goodness of our heart, but we have no way of gauging interest as this is not our primary form of business. We acknowledge that we cannot help everyone even though we would love to; we are simply one small company with a limited 3D printer capacity. Thank you for your understanding. Be Well and Be Healthy!