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PHIL Turns 50

Thank you for your business over the past fifty years.

It's safe to say that when L.B. Philippi and LeRoy Hagenbuch started Philippi-Hagenbuch 50 years ago that PHIL has accomplished much more than either of them would have envisioned! Over the years, PHIL Associates have built a lot of great, unique equipment for a huge number of fantastic, world-class clients and partners from around the world. The video below is a quick reflection of a few of the Products, Associates and Companies we've been been honored to work with since 1969.

PHIL is humbled to be named as the Illinois Manufacturers' Association 2019 Illinois Manufacturer of the Year.

“Philippi-Hagenbuch epitomizes excellence in Illinois manufacturing,” said IMA President & CEO Mark Denzler. “Over their 50-year history, this amazing family-owned company has been an industry leader in innovation, operational excellence, and there is no stronger advocate for American manufacturing. They have invested their time and treasure to grow and strengthen the manufacturing climate in Illinois and we’re proud to recognize them as this year’s Barry L. MacLean Manufacturer of the Year.”

The IMA’s annual award recognizes a company for their leadership in six core areas:

  • Manufacturing Advocacy: Serves as a strong voice for the manufacturing industry at the local, state, or national level.
  • Operational Excellence: Creates a profound and lasting impact on stakeholders, companies, markets, and suppliers within the manufacturing sector with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Innovation & Technology: Committed to innovation, Research & Development, transformative product development, or technological advances.
  • Workforce Development & Diversity: Focused on building the next generation of leaders through support of education and workforce development programs. 
  • Community Engagement: Demonstrates long-term commitment to local community, charitable, and philanthropic efforts.
  • Sustainability: Supports sustainable methods of production and elimination of non-value added activities from operations.