Kind Actions & Warm Words

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Let PHIL Know You Care!

As philanthropic gifts, volunteering engagements and warm wishes come in, we will post them below as a record of the great things we can do to help others, through little acts of kindness. Updates will be made periodically.

Participants In
Little Acts of Pat

Taiyah & Jordan P - Peoria, IL
George B - Nappanee, IN
Aaron B - Phoenix, AZ
Jame R - Farmington, IL
Anonymous - Manito, IL
Jennifer S - Peoria, IL
Danette S - Peoria, IL
Josh S - Peoria, IL
LeRoy H - Peoria, IL
Brandon H -Bucktown, IL
Laura H - Bucktown, IL
Linda B - Peoria, IL
Randy T - Kewanee, IL
Bray D - Manito, IL
Maria A - Morton, IL
Nathan K - Pekin, IL
Mike T - Pekin, IL
Barb & Jim O - Easton, MD
Anonymous - Peoria, IL
Anonymous - Peoria, IL
Anonymous - Peoria, IL
Marcie & Don G - Plainfield, IL
Heidi Hainline
Joan Ruppman
Judy Zimmerman
Betsy Bladel & Beth Meyers
Trish & Rodger Deppermann
Connie & Ken Setterlund
Barb Runyon
Nancy Lightfoot
Penny Keyian
Mary Habecker
Jenn Hise


Anonymous - Treats to local firemen in Manito, IL

Jennifer S - Paid it forward at Kroger by paying for the gentleman's groceries behind her. Way to go!
Danette S - Donation of clothes to Dress for Success
Josh S - Donation of clothes to Goodwill
LeRoy H - Donation to various non-profits

Anonymous - Put a bin of free water and treats inside Hopedale Wellness Center, Pekin, IL for gym members to enjoy after they'd finished their workouts.

Brandon H - Volunteering at various non-profits
Laura H - Volunteering at various non-profits

Anonymous - Made a donation of bleach to TAPS in Pekin, IL

Anonymous - Created a bin of "Free Snacks" and left them at the Harmon Highway / Madison Park bus station, meanwhile making a bus passenger's day as the donor taught the passenger the word "organic."

Last updated: 3/12/2022 11:06 am

Josh S of Peoria, IL - Created a "care package" of needed survival gear for residents of Puerto Rico and shipped it down to a group of friends he knew from college. "The people of Puerto Rico are suffering and I have first hand knowledge of how hard it is for them and what they need. My friends have no power and no access to clean water; one of the main things I provided were four water purification pumps they can use to safely filter out bacteria and other toxin's from the water.

Total Amount Donated
In Pat's Honor


As of 11/11/2021

Anonymous gifted her friend fun stationary.

        Anonymous surprised a coworker with a
        $10 Starbucks gift card.


Randy T. of Kewanee, IL - donated $50 to the
Kewanee Humane Society

Anonymous - Saw a homeless person next to Little Caesar's and bought them a meal while also paying for the next person in line.

Danette S. - Peoria, IL donated to "Look. It's My Book!", providing books for forty school kids within the greater Peoria metro area.

Jamie R. - Farmington, IL donated $100 to the Moose Lodge "Sunshine Child" cause.

Josh S. - Peoria, IL donated $200 to the Peoria Riverfront Museum's "Every Student Initiative" that provides field trips, access and curriculum to students throughout the greater Peoria metro area to the museum, plus provides a Family Fun Pack, which includes a family membership for their entire family to revisit the museum at a time of their choosing.

Peoria Riverfront Museum

Jessica E - Washington, IL - My daughter and I went out to dinner on Thursday, 11/11 at Texas Roadhouse in East Peoria. Abigail wanted to give our waitress the $100 as a tip. Out waitress was very friendly, attentive, and worked hard to provide great service. She was in the middle of going back to school and Abigail thought she was well deserving of the $100.

Today I was the recipient of a random act of Pat. A person at Hardee’s on university paid for my breakfast. It was such a lovely way to start my Valentine’s Day. When I got to my desk I visited this site from the card. I love the story of how this came to be! I also felt like I wanted to let you know I am a teacher of students with severe special needs (at C.T. Vivian school) and I am a recipient of a Paws Giving Independence facility dog. Our school loves Ruby, and I want to thank you for supporting that amazing cause! I will be passing along my random act of Pat! Thanks for making the world a happier place!

Hardee's Breakfast Biscuit was one of Pat's favorite breakfast items. On Valentine's Day 2022 $50 was given to pay for drive thru orders for the cars behind me