Kind Actions & Warm Words for Pat

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Let Pat Know You Care!

As philanthropic gifts, volunteering engagements and warm wishes come in, we will post them below as a record of the great things we can do to help others, through little acts of kindness. Updates will be made periodically.

Participants In
Little Acts of Pat

Anonymous - Manito, IL
Jennifer S - Peoria, IL
Danette S - Peoria, IL
Josh S - Peoria, IL
LeRoy H - Peoria, IL
Brandon H -Bucktown, IL
Laura H - Bucktown, IL
Linda B - Peoria, IL
Randy T - Kewanee, IL
Bray D - Manito, IL
Maria A - Morton, IL
Nathan K - Pekin, IL
Mike T - Pekin, IL

Barb & Jim O - Easton, MD
Anonymous - Peoria, IL
Anonymous - Peoria, IL
Anonymous - Peoria, IL
Marcie & Don G - Plainfield, IL
Heidi Hainline
Joan Ruppman
Judy Zimmerman
Betsy Bladel & Beth Meyers
Trish & Rodger Deppermann
Connie & Ken Setterlund
Barb Runyon
Nancy Lightfoot
Penny Keyian
Mary Habecker
Jenn Hise


Anonymous - Treats to local firemen in Manito, IL

Jennifer S - Paid it forward at Kroger by paying for the gentleman's groceries behind her. Way to go!
Danette S - Donation of clothes to Dress for Success
Josh S - Donation of clothes to Goodwill
LeRoy H - Donation to various non-profits

Anonymous - Put a bin of free water and treats inside Hopedale Wellness Center, Pekin, IL for gym members to enjoy after they'd finished their workouts.

Brandon H - Volunteering at various non-profits
Laura H - Volunteering at various non-profits

Anonymous - Made a donation of bleach to TAPS in Pekin, IL

Anonymous - Created a bin of "Free Snacks" and left them at the Harmon Highway / Madison Park bus station, meanwhile making a bus passenger's day as the donor taught the passenger the word "organic."

Last updated: 11/15/2017 8:55 am

Anonymous - Saw a homeless person next to Little Caesar's and bought them a meal while also paying for the next person in line.

Josh S of Peoria, IL - Created a "care package" of needed survival gear for residents of Puerto Rico and shipped it down to a group of friends he knew from college. "The people of Puerto Rico are suffering and I have first hand knowledge of how hard it is for them and what they need. My friends have no power and no access to clean water; one of the main things I provided were four water purification pumps they can use to safely filter out bacteria and other toxin's from the water.

Total Amount Donated
In Pat's Honor


As of 10/1/2017

Anonymous gifted her friend fun stationary.

Anonymous surprised a coworker with a
$10 Starbucks gift card.


Randy T. of Kewanee, IL - donated $50 to the
Kewanee Humane Society

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