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Let PHIL Know You Care!

As philanthropic gifts, volunteering engagements and warm wishes come in, we will post them below as a record of the great things we can do to help others, through little acts of kindness. Updates will be made periodically.

Participants In
Little Acts of Pat

Taiyah & Jordan P - Peoria, IL
George B - Nappanee, IN
Aaron B - Phoenix, AZ
Jame R - Farmington, IL
Anonymous - Manito, IL
Jennifer S - Peoria, IL
Danette S - Peoria, IL
Josh S - Peoria, IL
LeRoy H - Peoria, IL
Brandon H -Bucktown, IL
Laura H - Bucktown, IL
Linda B - Peoria, IL
Randy T - Kewanee, IL
Bray D - Manito, IL
Maria A - Morton, IL
Nathan K - Pekin, IL
Mike T - Pekin, IL
Barb & Jim O - Easton, MD
Anonymous - Peoria, IL
Anonymous - Peoria, IL
Anonymous - Peoria, IL
Marcie & Don G - Plainfield, IL
Heidi Hainline
Joan Ruppman
Judy Zimmerman
Betsy Bladel & Beth Meyers
Trish & Rodger Deppermann
Connie & Ken Setterlund
Barb Runyon
Nancy Lightfoot
Penny Keyian
Mary Habecker
Jenn Hise


Last updated: 11/24/2021 8:15 am

Total Amount Donated
In Pat's Honor


As of 11/11/2021

Danette S. - Peoria, IL donated to "Look. It's My Book!", providing books for forty school kids within the greater Peoria metro area.

Jamie R. - November, 2021 - Farmington, IL donated $100 to the Moose Lodge "Sunshine Child" cause.

Josh S. - Peoria, IL donated $200 to the Peoria Riverfront Museum's "Every Student Initiative" that provides field trips, access and curriculum to students throughout the greater Peoria metro area to the museum, plus provides a Family Fun Pack, which includes a family membership for their entire family to revisit the museum at a time of their choosing.

Peoria Riverfront Museum

Jessica E - Washington, IL - My daughter and I went out to dinner on Thursday, 11/11 at Texas Roadhouse in East Peoria. Abigail wanted to give our waitress the $100 as a tip. Out waitress was very friendly, attentive, and worked hard to provide great service. She was in the middle of going back to school and Abigail thought she was well deserving of the $100.

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Taiyah & Jordan P - November 2021 - Jordan and I reached out to Peoria Porch Pantry and got a list of items needed for donation. We ended up with $250 worth of groceries including shelf stable milk, canned goods that do not need a can opener, jelly, soup, ramen, cooking oil, flour, sugar, salt, canned meat, dog food, cat food, etc. Peoria Porch Pantry is currently located in someone's front porch but hopes to soon be able to find a single location close by where they can have heat during the winter and AC in the summer for people in need as well as washers/dryers and showers. They see anywhere from 50 to 100 people a day! We plan on being able to donate $100 worth of groceries monthly.