The PHIL Haulage Guide is a tradition going back to the early 1970's

Get updated on the newest, most efficient PHIL Equipment available

About every five years, PHIL publishes an updated Haulage Guide, showcasing our equipment and highlighting the industries we serve. Our newest haulage guide, being published in early 2019 will be our most comprehensive yet. In fact, it's a completely re-thought resource; our biggest overhaul since 2008 and one of which we're really excited about; we hope you are as well!

"The PHIL Haulage Guide has been used by our organization for years, showing us ways of hauling material more efficiently while providing us a resource to budget for new equipment from year to year"

     - Northeastern US Landfill Operator
       2015 PHIL Haulage Survey

Where Should the Haulage Guide be Sent?

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