PHIL Dealer Protection

Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. values its dealers, and as a way to protect our relationships and mutual trust, we offer PHIL Dealer Protection on opportunities when a dealer provides the name of the client and the specific location that the equipment will be used at at time of quote request.

With this information, we simply link the dealer's opportunity to the End User. That way, if the end-user were to call in for a direct quotation, we would see that an opportunity is already active through a dealer and we would let the end-user know that they would need to go through their off-highway truck dealer for that product. At that time, we would let them know which dealer had already quoted them our product.

Dealer Protection is active for 6 months after receipt of a quotation by a dealer, per opportunity.

Rules of PHIL Dealer Protection

  1. The dealer must share the name of the end-user and the end-user's location with their PHIL Account Manager at the time of quotation request. If the end user's name and location are not provided, PHIL Dealer Protection is not in effect.
  2. PHIL will protect the Dealer and future opportunities with that location of the end-user for PHIL equipment designed for the brand of equipment the dealer represents. (For example, a Volvo dealer would receive dealer protection for PHIL Equipment going on Volvo trucks).
  3. If another dealer requests a quotation for the same end-user, PHIL will quote that dealer.
  4. PHIL Dealer Protection does not prohibit PHIL from communicating with an end-user, but it does prohibit PHIL from quoting the end-user directly on the same make and model of truck.


If you have any questions about PHIL Dealer Protection, please contact Josh Swank, PHIL's Vice President of Sales & Marketing at +1 (309) 697-9200 or by emailing him at

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