A Clear Path To Success

Pit & Quarry - March 2020

Fill out the form to the right -> to download a copy of Pit & Quarry's March 2020 article titled "A Clear Path To Success" discussing how a simple solution - adding tailgates to off-highway trucks - can increase efficiency. From cleaner haul roads, quicker loading, optimally balanced loads on the chassis to longer tire life, tailgates are a solid addition. Don't talk our word for it - Pit & Quarry does a great job explaining the benefits.

"PHIL Tailgates are outfitted on every one of our haul trucks - we couldn't get the payload or efficiencies without them. When I came to our operation 10 years ago, the trucks didn't have them; we slowly added them as time and capital allowed and the numbers tell the story; we haul 20% more without adding trucks. It's really a simple decision."

     - Massachusetts Quarry Operator
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